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By | February 22, 2017

Check LIC Policy Status – Many of you holding LIC policies for their emergency or Investment. Today, We are going to share step by step Guide to check your LIC Policy Status Online. You can just click and track your status of each and everything. You can also check each and every detail of LIC Policy Status. If you don’t pay policy instalment on time then also you can check it out all the details here. Now you don’t need to visit LIC office to know the status of your LIC Policy. You can ask any question or anything online. In this article, We will let you know about your LIC Policy Status Online check status of your LIC Policy.

Which documents needed to check your LIC Policy online you can check it out here. Life Insurance Corporation of India is leading public sector life insurance company in India. You can check a status of your policy by using your LIC Policy Number. We are writing the complete step by step registration of LIC Status. You can see all the details on about your policy. You can check it out all Status of Government department details.

LIC Policy Status Online

Check Online LIC Policy Status Step by Step

First of fall to check lic status of policy you have to register in LIC official site. If you have already registered click on “Registered User Tab” Follow simple step by step Guide to check LIC Policy Status.

New User Registred Process Step by Step

Step:1 You can Register LIC Policy Status through

Step:2 Click on LIC e-service tab to check your status.

Step:3 If you are not Registred user then Click on “New User.”

Step:4 Fill up all the details which are already included in policy number, amount, mobile number, email id mention each and everything there.

Step:5 Once you fill up all the details submit the form and click on Proceed button after filling up all the details.

Step:6 After complete all the steps you can create your ID & Password for login

Step:7 Last you can check it out your policy status and everything you can check it out on LIC Site.

Already Registered Member Step by Step Guide

Step:1 If you already registered member then you can login through your id & password.

Step:2 Click on your policy page and check it out Policy Status.

Step:3 Once you click on policy status page. It will show each and everything about the LIC Policy Status online.

Step:4 You can check it out all the details of your LIC Policy.

Check LIC Policy Status by Phone / SMS

If you have, check your status through the Internet. Now If you don’t have an Internet connection then also you can check it out LIC Policy Status through Sending SMS or By Phone Call.


  • Dial 1251 anytime to know LIC policy status. (The facility is available only in selected cities).
  • Send an SMS to 56767877 as: ASKLIC <your policy number> DESIRED CODE

The desired code indicates what information you are seeking regarding your LIC policy. We have given here the codes for different information.

InformationDesired code to be mentioned in SMS 
To know premium amountPREMIUM
To know the revival amount of lapsed policyREVIVAL
To know the vested bonusBONUS
For knowing nomination details of your policyNOM

Many people have multiple LIC Policies. So, you can’t remember all the things at one place. So, You can easily manage your LIC Policy Status through online panel. Just follow simple above step by step Guide to check LIC Policy Status Online. You can also share this on social media with your friends, family. If you have any query just comment on below box we will help you to check your lic status online.



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